Youth/AE/SE/HE/VET – Partnersuche in Griechenland

Partnergesuch für eine strategische Partnerschaft zu den Themen „Entrepreneurship“ und „Beschäftigung“

Dear Partners,
We are contacting you due to our common interest about the Erasmus+ Programme. Our intention is to maintain but also to expand our network of partners and to develop mutually beneficial long term collaborations in order to take advantage of the forthcoming calls.

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED), as a research institute committed to the promotion of innovation and the enhancing of the spirit of entrepreneurship and employability. We have significant experience in the submission and implementation of EU projects and in our 12 years of operation, we have participated in the implementation of more than 100 national and EU projects.

As far as the Erasmus+ is concerned we are mostly interested about the centralized actions and about the KA2 Strategic partnerships. Our main focus of activities falls within the following sectors (but not limited to them): entrepreneurship, social economy and entrepreneurship, certification of informal qualifications, employment, youth etc. We believe that with our experience and know-how we can contribute constructively to a consortium of partners and are open to any such collaborations.

Aiming at the development of synergies between like-minded organizations and in the exchanging of views for potential collaborations, we are sending you attached our updated Erasmus+ profile in order to get a clearer view for our organization.

For information about our previous experience, please check our project portfolio.

We would also like to receive more information about your organization and about your potential interest in collaborating with IED.

The IEDs team of EU Submissions