VET – Berufsbildungseinrichtung für Partnerschaftsprojekt zum Thema „LEAN“ gesucht

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Katarina Sandbacka Kansainvälisyyspäällikkö | Chef för internationell verksamhet | Manager of International Affairs Vamia Postiosoite: Ruutikellarintie 2, 65100 VAASA | Postadress: Krutkällarvägen 2, 65100 VASA, FINLAND Puh. |
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Dear Sir/Madam

We wonder if you can help us finding a partner for an Eramus+ K2 project-  Strategic Partnerships supporting innovation by spreading this information to VET education providers in your country. We are one VET provider in Finland, Vamia  and one VET provider in the Netherlands Onderwijsgroep Tilburg that are looking for partners for an Eramus+ K2 project Strategic Partnerships supporting innovation.
The application will be applied from the Finnish national agency. The subject of the project is LEAN and we are looking for committed partners that has knowledge of Lean  and are already working with Lean in their organization. The aim of the project is to develop an innovative but compact training package for teaching Lean in Vocational education and training that can be used for the training of  students, staff or anyone in  the principles and benefits of Lean thinking and working. In addition to the actual teaching material instructions of  how to use and deliver the material will be produced. All the material produce would be collected in an  public electronic portal “ web page” open for anyone to use. All the material produced would be translated into the language of the participating country. There would be three main work packages produced:
Work package 1:  Basic theory about Lean and Why Lean?
Work package 2: Innovative Lean exercises ( helping to understand the benefits of Lean)

a) Group excercises – physical  ( instructions, material, pictures and videos of these)
b) Individual exercises – Digital ThingLink 360  environment that contains theory, videos, pictures, pictorials and excercises

  • one professional environment
  • one home environment

The material and the videos will be produced so that the language easily can be chosen and changed during the delivery of the course. Physical individual tasks: Making a 5S-task,  that can be developed so that the student can understand how time can be saved and also how one can save economically by doing changes according to 5s
Work package 3: Teaching instruction manual ( how to deliver the course and how to use the material) There will be 2-3 project workers from each country ( including or + the coordinator from each country that will take part in the first and the last meeting) The transnational project meetings will circulate between the partners so that there will be a least one meeting in each country. During these transnational meetings the host will arrange the program and show how they are using Lean in their organization. In addition one visit to a company/organization outside the school that is using Lean should be offered. In addition there will be  workshops were the Lean training material is produced together ( for those parts that need to be produced together) Towards the end of the project a Transnational Learning, Teaching and Training activity will be held In this event 3-4 teachers from each participating school will be trained in the Lean training course by the projects workers ( the persons that have created the course/material). The aim is that these persons are going back to their own school/organization and teach their colleagues  so that they can deliver the course to studnets.

The planned project time: September 2018 –  July 2020
The application deadline is 21.3.2018 but we ask you to contact us as soon as possible.

With kind regards Katarina Sandbacka