SE/VET – Partnersuche zur Entwicklung der technischen und beruflichen Ausbildung in Polen

We are looking for schools in Belgium that work with professional education for secondary school students in the age 14-20. We are interested in developing a Erasmus Programme project proposal, or join the current initiatives.

County Educational Centre (CEC) or Powiatowe Centrum Edukacyjne (PCE) in K?trzyn (north-east Poland) is a secondary school. We have different profiles – technical college and vocational secondary school. Our students are between 16 and 20 years old. We teach in three systems of learning – daily, in the afternoons and extramurally. The profiles of interest include: Logistics and Transportation, Construction, Electricity and Energy, Hotel and Tourism, Restaurant & Food and Sanitary Instalations. We have also got a big base of school infrastructure: the swimming pool, the gymnasium, the dormitory, the canteen, outer school playgrounds and also vocational school’s workshop.

CEC’s new headmaster, Mr Marek Moszyk, has an ambitious plan to develop good model for technical and vocational education in Poland and he would like to use the best cases and experiences from different parts of Europe. Belgium has good reputation of searching for innovative technical vocational and secondary education. He would also like to share the best of our experiences with other schools that may be interested in cooperation. Barbara Jagie?o is a teacher of English and she is the direct contact point in CEC ( Myself, I am hired as CEC representative for development of international cooperation (
Please feel free to distribute our contact request to whomever You find relevant.
In case of questions – please feel free to contact us with questions.

Dr Andrzej Tonderski
CEC representative for development of international cooperation