22. Mai 2016

„Going International – Europe at Your Reach“ – Erasmus+ Seminar

Going International – Europe at Your Reach

Seminar / Conference
22-25 May 2016 | Tallinn, Estonia
Are you involved in youth work? Are you interested in adding an international dimension to your work? Are you looking for long-term co-operation and strategic international opportunities? Then this event is exactly for you!

Europe at your reach!

An international forum on the opportunities and possibilities of strategically enhancing youth work with a European/international dimensio

The European Union has been investing into international learning and mobility programmes for decades, providing a range of learning mobility opportunities to young people and all stakeholders involved in youth work and non-formal education.
While the numbers and outcomes are highly encouraging, many young people and organisations are unaware of these possibilities, and/or do not use these programmes in a strategic and sustainable fashion. If you are interested in learning more about the impact of international youth work, please consult the most recent research-based analysis of the Youth in Action Programme: http://www.researchyouth.net/documents/ray_policybrief_2014.pdf

The ‘Going International Forum’ will bring together both newcomers and those with experience in international youth work and non-formal education to inspire each other, to discover the possibilities and benefits of international youth work and to foster strategic partnerships and long-term co-operation projects.

The meeting will bring together around 100 participants from European countries, representing a range of youth work and non-formal education environments. The event will take place in Tallinn, Estonia from May 22nd – 25th of 2016 and is funded by the Erasmus+: Youth In Action programme.


The aim of the meeting is to promote international youth work and to help to establish it as an integral part of youth work practice at all levels in Europe. It shall reach this by:

… empowering participants to take an active role in further developing and supporting sustainable and strategic international youth work.
… building awareness around the concept and benefits of international youth work.
… supporting participants to develop sustainable and strategic approaches for international youth work.
… offering space for partner finding and developing project ideas (both within and outside Erasmus+: Youth In Action)


By participating in this event, you can expect to:
– Receive detailed information and first-hand testimonies on the opportunities and benefits of international youth work
– Build relationships with like-minded organisations and individuals in youth work from all over Europe, including donors and support structures
– Increase your motivation to engage in international youth work
– Find space and support in fostering strategic partnerships and sustainable follow-up plans on local, regional and international level
– Get acquainted with the Estonian urban culture and youth work practice


The forum welcomes a mix of newcomers and experienced participants, representing all levels of youth work in Europe, including:

– NGOs/CSOs working with young people;
– youth/youth work umbrella organizations and networks;
– local, regional and national level public institutions (Youth Departments / European and International co-operation departments);
– organisations that can influence the development and sustainable engagement of new organisations in international youth work;
– Eurodesk and other youth information providers;
– ERASMUS+ National Agencies in the youth field;
– organisations working with young people with fewer opportunities;
– youth work experts;
– ERASMUS+ multipliers.

Here’s where you can learn more about the history and background of the main concepts behind the Forum:
International Youth Work and Non-Formal Education:
ERASMUS+: http://ec.europa.eu/youth/programme/index_en.htm


The programme of the forum will start in the evening of 22nd of May and departures are planned on 25th of May after 14.00. Working language of the forum is English.
The forum will be facilitated in an interactive manner, following the spirit of international youth work and non-formal education. The methods applied will be participatory and adjusted to different learning styles. The group sizes will vary from full plenary session to work in small groups down to exercises in couples and individual reflection. This will be complemented by a series of online tools allowing for blended learning and engaging audiences beyond the group of participants present at the event.


The programme facilitation will be supported by the team of two trainers: MarCus Vrecer from Austria and Max Fras from the United Kingdom.
MarCus Vrecer is a trainer, project manager and consultant in non-formal education and the empowerment of civil society. He is a member of the Austrian Erasmus+ National Agency pool of trainers, and he is a founding and board member of the International Youth Work Trainers Guild. He has been involved in international youth work since the early 90s and has worked in numerous countries worldwide.
Max Fras is a trainer and consultant in civil society and youth policy development. He is a member of the UK Erasmus+ National Agency trainers‘ pool and the Council of Europe’s Youth Department pool of trainers. He has been involved in international youth work since 2001 and has worked extensively in a number of EU countries, Western Balkans and Eastern Europe and the Caucasus.

Apply now! Application deadline: 25 April 2016 Date of selection: 2 May 2016
Contact for questions: Helena Heidemann
E-Mail: helena.heidemann@archimedes.ee
Phone: +372 56 937 745
Before applying please contact the NA of your residence country to check if it is involved in this concrete project and committed to cover travel costs. NB! Learn about possible participation fee and other relevant rules.
This training activity is funded by: EU flag-Erasmus+_vect_POS