TCA – Art, Dance and Sport / Poland

Partnership-building Activity

15-19 June 2016 | Konstancin-Jeziorna n/Warsaw, Poland

This PBA will offer the opportunity to establish a permanent international cooperation in the field of dance, art and sport activities, to increase the quantity and to improve the quality of KA1 Youth Exchanges (YE) projects.

Aim of the PBA

To enable participants to:
– establish and support a partner-finding, networking and permanent international cooperation between organizations on the topic of dance, art and sport;
– gain and exchange methods of non-formal education dedicated to the topic of PBA;
– gain and exchange methods of non-formal education supporting active participation of young people;
– increase the quantity and improve the quality of KA1 (YE) projects.


– to develop new Youth Exchange projects under the E+ programme on the topic of dance, sport and art;
– to exchange of previous experience and good practice among participants;
– for better understanding of the eligibility and quality criteria of Youth Exchanges among participants;
– to promote active participation of young people in E+ projects;
– to give an impulse to improve and strengthen international cooperation in the field of youth exchanges by giving participants possibility to work on preparing KA1 (YE) projects so that after the course they are ready to send application to respective National Agencies.

Participants of PBA: 10 Polish participants and 26 participants from all of the Programme Countries. 30 – 36 adults who are:
– youth workers or representatives of NGO’s, community centers, youth clubs, schools, local authorities, work in local governments or other public institutions, non-formal groups of young people that have a mandate to enter into a partnership with other organizations/groups;
– little or big experienced with E+ (in implementing KA1 projects – 1 or more E+/YiA projects);
– willing to develop and implement a Youth Exchange project on the topic of dance, art and sport;
– have an idea about the project and have earnest interest and possibility within their organisation/group (green light from their hierarchy/colleagues) to set up a KA1 project after the PBA;
– able to communicate and work in English.

This PBA will be dynamic using interactive and non-formal learning methods. Workshops, facilitated discussions and other interactive tools will be used in which the participants are invited to play a central role. The activities will be led by experienced facilitators in realization projects in KA1 and working with youth.

Apply now! Application deadline: 8 May 2016
Date of selection: 16 May 2016

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Training overview
This Partnership-building Activity is
for 30-36 participants
from Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries
and recommended for
Youth workers, Youth leaders
Working language(s):
Polish National Agency for Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme (National Agency)
Contact for questions:
Grzegorz Kucharyk
Phone: +48224631413
Before applying please contact the NA of your residence country to check if it is involved in this concrete project and committed to cover travel costs. NB! Learn about possible participation fee and other relevant rules.
This project is financed by the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme. Being selected for this course, all costs (accommodation, travel, visa, etc.) relevant to participation in the course will be covered by the NAs involved in this project – except a participation fee which varies from call to call and country to country. Please contact your NA to learn more about the financial details, and how to arrange the booking of your travel tickets and the reimbursement of your travel expenses.
This training activity is funded by:
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